EC2305 TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES Syllabus for ECE 5th Semester - Anna University

EC2305                     TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES                    L T P C
3  1 0  4
To lay a strong foundation on the theory of transmission lines and wave guides by highlighting their applications.


·    To become familiar with propagation of signals through lines
·    Understand signal propagation at Radio frequencies
·    Understand radio propagation in guided systems
·    To become familiar with resonators

UNIT I          FILTERS                                                                                                       9
The neper - the decibel - Characteristic impedance of Symmetrical Networks Current and  voltage ratios - Propogation constant, - Properties of  Symmetrical Networks - Filter fundamentals   Pass  and  Stop  bands.  Behaviour  of  the  Characteristic  impedance.

Constant K Filters - Low pass, High pass band pass band eliminatio filters - m - derived sections Filter circuit design Filter performance Crystal Filters.

UNIT II         TRANSMISSION LINE PARAMETERS                                                       9
A line of cascaded T sections - Transmission lines - General Solution, Physical Significance of the equations, the infinite line, wavelength, velocity, propagation, Distortion line, the telephone cable, Reflection on a line not terminated  in Zo,  Reflection Coefficient, Opeand  short circuited lines, Insertion  loss.

UNIT III        THE LINE AT RADIO FREQUENCY                                                           9
Parameters of open wire line and Coaxial cable at RF Line constants for  dissipation - voltages and currents on the dissipation less line - standing waves – nodes - standing wave ratio - input impedance of  open and short circuited lines - power and impedance measurement on lines – l / 4 line, Impedance matching single and double-stub matching circle diagram, smith chart and its applications Problem solving using Smith chart.

UNIT IV          GUIDED WAVES BETWEEN PARALLEL PLANES                                 9
Application of the restrictions to Maxwell’s equations transmission of TM waves between Parallel plans Transmission of TE waves between Parallel planes. Transmission  of    TEM  waves  between  Parallel  planes   Manner  of  wave  travel. Velocities of the waves characteristic impedance - Attenuators

UNIT V           WAVEGUIDES                                                                                           9
Application o Maxwell’s equations to the rectangular waveguide. TM waves in Rectangular guide. TE waves in Rectangular waveguide Cylindrical waveguides. The TEM wave in coaxial lines. Excitation of wave guides. Guide termination and  resonant cavities.


L: 45, T: 15, TOTAL= 60 PERIODS

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By Vinoth
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