CS2403 DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING Syllabus - Anna University

CS2403                               DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING                              L T P C
3  0 0  3

UNIT I             SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS                                                                       9
Basic elements of DSP concepts of frequency in Analog and Digital Signals sampling theorem – Discrete time signals, systems Analysis of discrete time LTI systems Z transform – Convolution (linear and circular) – Correlation.

UNIT II            FREQUENCY TRANSFORMATIONS                                                      9
Introduction to DFT Properties of DFT – Filtering methods based on DFT FFT Algorithms  Decimation in time Algorithms, Decimation in frequency Algorithms Use of FFT in Linear Filtering DCT.

UNIT III            IIR FILTER DESIGN                                                                                9
Structures of IIR Analog filter design Discrete time IIR filter from analog filter IIR
filter design by Impulse Invariance, Bilinear transformation, Approximation of derivatives
(HPF, BPF, BRF) filter design using frequency translation

UNIT IV          FIR FILTER DESIGN                                                                                9
Structures of FIR Linear phase FIR filter Filter design using windowing techniques, Frequency sampling techniques Finite word length effects in digital Filters

UNIT V           APPLICATIONS                                                                                       9
Multirate  signal processing Speech compression Adaptive filter Musical sound processing Image enhancement.

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