CS2402 MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING Syllabus - Anna University

CS2402                          MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING                      L T P C
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UNIT I             MOBILE NETWORKS                                                                                9
Cellular Wireless Networks GSM – Architecture Protocols Connection Establishment Frequency Allocation Routing Mobility Management Security GPRS.

UNIT II            WIRELESS NETWORKS                                                                            9
Wireless LANs and PANs IEEE 802.11 Standard Architecture Services Network HiperLAN Blue Tooth- Wi-Fi WiMAX

UNIT III           ROUTING                                                                                                    9
Mobile IP DHCP AdHoc Proactive and Reactive Routing Protocols Multicast

UNIT IV          TRANSPORT AND APPLICATION LAYERS                                            9
Mobile TCP WAP Architecture WWW Programming Model WDP WTLS WTP WSP WAE WTA Architecture WML WMLScripts.

UNIT V           PERVASIVE COMPUTING                                                                        9
Pervasiv computin infrastructure-applications Device   Technolog  Hardware, Human-machine Interfaces, Biometrics, and Operating systems– Device Connectivity – Protocols, Security, and Device Management- Pervasive Web Application architecture- Access from PCs and PDAs - Access via WAP



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By Vinoth
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