CS2351 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Syllabus - Anna University

CS2351                                 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                                   L T P C
3  0 0 3

To learn the basics of designing intelligent agents that can solve general purpose problems, represent and process knowledge, plan and act, reason under uncertainty and can learn from experiences

UNIT I         PROBLEM SOLVING                                                                                   9
Introduction Agents Problem formulation uninformed search strategies heuristics
informed search strategies constraint satisfaction

UNIT II        LOGICAL REASONING                                                                                9
Logical agents propositional logic inferences first-order logic inferences in first- order logic forward chaining backward chaining unification resolution

UNIT III      PLANNING                                                                                                     9
Planning with state-space search partial-order planning planning graphs planning and acting in the real world

UNIT IV      UNCERTAIN KNOWLEDGE AND REASONING                                          9
Uncertainty review of probability - probabilistic Reasoning Bayesian networks
inferences in Bayesian networks Temporal models Hidden Markov models

UNIT V       LEARNING                                                                                                     9
Learning from observation - Inductive learning Decision trees Explanation based learning Statistical Learning methods - Reinforcement Learning


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By Vinoth
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