CS2308 SYSTEM SOFTWARE LAB Syllabus - Anna University

CS2308                                   SYSTEM SOFTWARE LAB                                   L T P C
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(Using C)

1.    Implement a symbol table with functions to create, insert, modify, search, and display.
2.    Implement pass one of a two pass assembler.
3.    Implement pass two of a two pass assembler.
4.    Implement a single pass assembler.
5.    Implement a two pass macro processor
6.    Implement a single pass macro processor.
7.    Implement an absolute loader.
8.    Implement a relocating loader.
9.    Implement pass one of a direct-linking loader.
10.  Implement pass two of a direct-linking loader.
11.  Implement a simple text editor with features like insertion / deletion of a character, word, and sentence.
12.  Implement a symbol table with suitable hashing

(For loader exercises, output the snap shot of the main memory as it would be, after the loading has taken place)

TOTAL: 45 PERIODS Requirement for a batch of 30 students


Description of Equipment


Quantity available



Hardware Pentium PC Desktops

30 Nos.


Software Turbo C (Freely download)
30 user

By Vinoth
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