CS2301 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Syllabus- Anna University

CS2301                                   SOFTWARE ENGINEERING                                 L T P C
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UNIT I             SOFTWARE PRODUCT AND PROCESS                                                9
Introduction S/W Engineering Paradigm – Verification Validation Life Cycle Models
–  System Engineering Computer Based System Business Process Engineering
Overview Product Engineering Overview.

UNIT II            SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS                                                                9
Functional and Non-Functional – Software Document Requirement Engineering Process – Feasibility Studies Software Prototyping Prototyping in the Software Process – Data Functional and Behavioral Models Structured Analysis and Data Dictionary.

UNIT III           ANALYSIS, DESIGN CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES                            9
Systems Engineering - Analysis Concepts -  Design Process And Concepts Modular Design Design Heuristic –   Architectural Design –   Data Design User Interface Design  Real Time Software Design System Design Real Time Executives Data Acquisition System Monitoring And Control System.

UNIT IV          TESTING                                                                                                   9
Taxonomy Of Software Testing Types Of S/W Test Black Box Testing Testing Boundary Conditions – Structural Testing Test Coverage Criteria Based On Data Flow Mechanisms – Regression Testing Unit Testing Integration Testing Validation Testing System Testing And Debugging Software Implementation Techniques

UNIT V           SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT                                                 9

Measures And Measurements ZIPFs Law –   Software Cost Estimation Function Point  Models  COCOMO  Model   Delphi  Method –    Scheduling Earned Value Analysis Error Tracking Software Configuration Management Program Evolution Dynamics – Software Maintenance     Project Planning Project Scheduling Risk Management CASE Tools



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