CS2071 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE Syllabus - EIE 7th Semester - Anna University

CS2071                                   COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE                                              L T P C
3  0 0 3

UNIT I              INSTRUCTION SET ARCHITECTURE                                                                    9
Introduction to computer architecture - Review of digital design Instructions and addressing
procedures and data assembly language programs instruction set variations

UNIT II             ARITHMETIC/LOGIC UNIT                                                                                        9
Number representation design of adders design of simple ALUs design of Multipliers and dividers design of floating point arithmetic unit

UNIT III            DATA PATH AND CONTROL                                                                                    9
Instruction execution steps control unit synthesis microprogramming pipelining pipeline performance

UNIT IV            MEMORY SYSTEM                                                                                                    9
Main Memory concepts types of memory cache memory organization secondary storage
virtual memory paging

UNIT V             I/O AND INTERFACES                                                                                               9
I/O devices I/O programming polling interrupts DMA buses links interfacing context switching threads and multithreading

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By Vinoth
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