Anna University Notes - 7th Semester CSE - Lecture notes for B.E.CSE THIRD Semester

Lecture notes for B.E. EEE SEVENTH Semester

Notes for all subjects of EEE 7th semester are provided below.

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MG2452 Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting
CS2401 Computer Graphics
CS2402 Mobile and Pervasive Computing
CS2403 Digital Signal Processing

MG2453 Resource Management Techniques
CS2032 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
CS2033 Real Time Systems
CS2034 TCP/IP Design and Implementation
CS2035 Natural Language Processing
IT2024 User Interface Design
IT2401 Service Oriented Architecture


CS2040 Advanced Operating Systems
CS2041 C# and .NET Framework
IT2352 Cryptography and Network Security
IT2061 Systems Modeling & Simulation
GE2022 Total Quality Management
IT2351 Network Programming and Management
IT2032 Software Testing
CS2045 Wireless Networks

*All the notes will be provided as soon as possible.

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