EE2036 Flexible AC Transmission systems IMPORTANT QUESTIONS

EE2036/Flexible AC Transmission systems
1.Explain the various basic types of FACTS controllers in detail.  
2.Explain the working and characteristic of Thyristor Switched Series  Capacitor 
3.Explain the reactive power compensation at the sending, midpoint and receiving ends of the transmission lines
4.Explain the operation of UPFC with vector diagrams.
5.Discuss the different advantages of slope in dynamic characteristics of SVC.
6.Explain about the performance of SVC in controlling voltage in a power system
7.Explain the different applications of TCSC
8.Briefly describe the way by which the transient stability is enhanced due to Static VAR  Compensator.
9.explain the different modes of operation of TCSC,With a neat block diagram
10.Explain the principle of operation and VI characteristics of STATCOM with neat sketch.
11.Explain the basic operating principle and the control capability of UPFC.
12.Explain the operation of STATCOM with an aid of block diagram
13.  Explain the basic operating principle and the control capability of UPFC.
14.  Discuss in detail about SVC-SVC interaction
15.  Discuss the coordination procedure of multiple controllers using linear control techniques in detail
16.  Discuss Linear quadratic regulator based techniques, Global coordination using nonlinear constrained optimization., Control coordination using genetic algorithms in detail
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