Anna University May/June 2012 Timetable for EEE- All semesters - Regulation 2008,2009,2010 (After rescheduling) - For all students admitted under Anna University,Chennai and Anna University of Technology,Chennai

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Anna University May June 2012 result


Updated on 05/05/2012

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For all students admitted under Anna University, Chennai  and Anna University of Technology, Chennai
(Regular &Arrear Exams)

Regulations 2008,2009,2010
First Semester
21/06/2012 (FN)- Engineering Physics - I
26/06/2012  (FN)- Mathematics I
28/06/2012  (FN)- Engineering Chemistry - I
30/06/2012  (FN)- Fundamentals of Computing and Programming

02/07/2012 (FN)- Engineering Graphics
02/07/2012 (AN)-Technical English I

Second Semester
20/06/2012 (FN)- Mathematics  II
22/06/2012 (FN)- Engineering Chemistry  II
23/06/2012 (FN)- Technical English  II
25/06/2012 (FN)- Engineering Physics II
27/06/2012 (FN)- Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering
29/06/2012 (FN)- Circuit Theory

Third Semester

16/06/2012 (FN)- Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
07/06/2012 (FN)- Data Structures and Algorithms
08/06/2012 (FN)- Electromagnetic Theory
09/06/2012 (FN)- Environmental Science and Engineering
11/06/2012 (FN)- Electronic Devices and Circuits
12/06/2012 (FN)- Measurements and Instrumentation

Fourth semester

15/05/2012 (FN)- Digital Logic Circuits
17/05/2012 (FN)- :Electrical Machines  I
19/05/2012 (FN)- :Power Plant Engineering
22/05/2012 (FN)- :Linear Integrated Circuits and Application
24/05/2012 (FN)- :Control System
29/05/2012 (FN)- :Numerical Methods

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Fifth Semester

04/06/2012 (FN)- Digital Signal Processing
05/06/2012 (FN)- Power Electronics
06/06/2012 (FN)- Electrical Machines II
31/05/2012 (FN)- Transmission and Distribution
14/06/2012 (FN)- Object Oriented Programming
15/06/2012 (FN)- Communication Engineering

Sixth semester

06/06/2012 (AN) - Robotics and Automation
14/05/2012 (AN) - Microprocessors and Microcontroller
16/05/2012 (FN)- :Power System Analysis
02/06/2012(AN) - Professional Ethics in Engineering
18/05/2012 (FN)- Solid State Drives
21/05/2012 (FN)- High Voltage Engineering
23/05/2012 (FN)- Design of Electrical Machines
28/05/2012(AN) - Fibre Optics and Laser Instruments
30/05/2012 (FN)- Power System Transients
01/06/2012 (FN)- Computer Networks

Seventh Semester

15/05/2012(AN) - Total Quality Management
25/05/2012(FN) - Principles of Management
25/05/2012(AN) - Power System Operation and Control
26/05/2012(AN) - Protection & Switchgear
30/05/2012 (AN)- Operating Systems
31/05/2012 (AN)- Computer Architecture 
                    (AN)  Intelligent Control
16/06/2012 (AN)- Special Electrical Machines
07/06/2012 (AN)- Biomedical Instrumentation

Eighth Semester

04/06/2012 (AN) - Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation
19/05/2012 (AN) - Power Quality
                               Operations Research
                               High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
21/05/2012(AN) - Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
                              Flexible AC Transmission Systems
                              Fundamentals of Nanoscience
23/05/2012(AN) - VLSI Design

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