How paper revaluation is done ?

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How paper revaluation is done?
These are obtained through unofficial sources and not through official spokepersons. 
1. Firstly, fly-sheet containing your register number and other information is detached and a duplicate number is assigned to each paper. The mark scored from the first correction is also removed.
2. It is then evaluated by 1st faculty. 
3. The paper is again evaluated by 2nd faculty.
4. If the marks awarded by both of them is approximately same, then the maximum mark of the two is awarded.
5. If there is an considerable difference in the allotment of marks, then the paper is again evaluated by 3rd faculty. 
6. Now, the mark to which is close to the 3rd faculty's mark is chosen to be the re-evaluated mark.
7. After further finalization and other official processes, the revaluated mark is submitted.
The University ensures that no error occurs during the paper revalution and if you are still not satisfied with the revaluated mark, and if you had applied for a copy of answer sheet, you may go for a challenge.
A challenge can be done only through the principal of the respective college by paying the prescribed fees (generally Rs. 3000). When you apply for challenge, the paper is evaluated again one final time with utmost care. If there is a change in the grade, the fees (generally Rs. 3000) is refunded
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