How anna university correction will be ? How Anna university paper is corrected and marks are given.

How Anna university correction will be ?

Yesterday i saw 8 answer sheets after the correction.. Correction and mark given varied for different subjects..

First i saw Engineering Economics and Financial Management MG2452 
In this paper Correct is so lenient.. Answer in the paper were wrong but some what relevant to that question..
He had written 4 lines which is irrelevant to that question but one word is relevant to that question so they gave half mark..  Similarly he got half mark for all 10 2marks.. 

In 16 marks he wrote full of stories and got 8 marks.. One 16mark he wrote correctly with diagrams and got 14marks.. In one question he just wrote heading and 1 line statement and there were 5 sub headings in that. He got 5 marks for that.. Totally he got 45 marks and passed .. but if correction is tough he get only 28marks since no answer is correct except 1 16marks.....

This is one type of correction the other type i saw is

Mobile computing..

This paper also him's only.. As same he wrote all 2marks.. This paper is better that above he had wrote all questions relevant and also started answer correctly but with lot of mistakes. He got 0 for all 2marks.. 

in 16marks he wrote 1 16marks correctly with diagrams but he got only 10marks..  2 16 some what correct and he got 6- 8 marks for each.. Totally 34 and failed.. This is very though correction if the correction is made like above paper he would have got 50.. 

And also saw some maths papers like M3, PQT..

Some giving 8 marks at-least half sum is correct .. Some are very strict and giving only 5 marks... Many will say if u wrote formula correct and substituted in that u will get 2 marks .. But this will not work in strict correction..

Really can't predict Anna university corrections.. 

They take only 1min or less to correct your paper they won't ready everything they just overview it .. only 2 marks tell how u had prepared they conclude based on that.. Even u had written 16m perfectly without writing 2m correctly  u will get only 10m for each.. 

Students must know how to write exam and cheat tat ur answer were correct... 

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