Few techniques to pass in Anna university exams

Here are few techniques to pass in university exams

Before Exam

All units have equal weight so Prepare thoroughly smallest, easiest units first..
Don't waste time in studying big units instead finish small units.
Be strong in 3 units.
If remaining 2 units are big or hard to learn study only important question(only 5 questions will be there in every unit)
See all topics and headings just as glance to know what are there in book
While studying try to understand it and understand what that unit is about..
You no need to prepare whole book but you need to know what are there in book.

During Exam :

Don't be in tension be relaxed
First attend minimum 5 2marks correctly.. 2marks decides remaining marks
Attend 2 16marks neat and perfectly.
Think and attend other 3 16 marks relevantly..
Don't leave any questions
Write as you could ( must be relevant to that unit)
Fill maximum pages.. 

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