Anna University Affiliated Colleges UG / PG Mark / Grade System Exams Nov / Dec 2011 Subject extra mark , grace mark and details for CSE and IT..

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    For Computer science and engineering extra mark , grace mark and details 

    Anna university B.E Nov/Dec 2012 january 2013 Examination Results 

    CS2041 C# and .NET Framework - 15.A (i) Reflection , 13.A Exception Handling , 10. ASP.NET (2 mark) are out of syllabus for 7th sem IT and CSE Anna University chennai students (for CSE and IT)

    CS2402 Mobile and Pervasive Computing - If all questions are attend and diagram are correct definitely its possible to score Above 60% even if u wrote full of stories (for CSE and IT)

    CS2403 Digital Signal Processing - There are some grace mark fot DSP it seems so if u started a question correctly and tried till the answer though it gave wrong answer you will get 8 marks so if all question are attended you are pass

    MG2452 Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting - Just correct Headings and Stories are enough to pass

    CS2401 Computer Graphics - Very easy paper its depends on how you wrote.. Very easy to pass.. (for CSE and IT)

    IT2024 User Interface Design - If u wrote headings and sub headings correctly its enough to pass since all computer students able to write the content correctly... So it is possible to pass...

    More expected failures are in DSP since many start the problems wrongly and they loose mark bulky ...

    Friends who wrote well and who wrote some what good to pass.. Don't worry you will pass... 

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