Special Electrical Machines NOV/Dec 2008 question paper EEE Seventh semester


1. what is the basic principle of SyRM.
2. Define Reluctance Torque with referance to SyRM
3. What is Holding Torque in a Stepping Motor.
4. Classify Different type of Stepping Motor.
5. What are power controller.
6. List out any 4 application of SRM
7. Differentiate Electronic and Mechinical Commutator.
8. Draw Magnetic Equuivalent Circuit of PMBLDC Motor.
9. Write Torque and EMF Equation of PM Synchronous Motor.
10.Draw the Speed- Torque characteristics of PM Synchronous Motor.


11. (a)Derive an experience for open circuit emf of a SyRM.
(b)Explain the Phasor diagram and characteristic of Synchronous Reluctance Motor.

12. (a)
(i) Explain the working principle of Hybride Motor.
(ii)Writ short notes on drive circuits of Stepping Motor
(i) Write Short notes on Ministep drive.
(ii) Explain construction features and principle operation of VR strpping Motor.

(i) Explain the working principle of SRM
(ii) Explain speedtorque characteristic of SRM
(b) With neat diagram explain the control of SRM using Microprocessor based controller

14.(a) Explain construction and principle of PMBLDC Motor.
(b) Draw the IGBT based inverter circuit for the delta connected PMBLDC Motor and sketch the firing sequence and phase current waveform for 120 degree mode.

(i) Draw and explain Speed torque Characteristic of PMSynchronous Motor.
(ii) Explain with phasor diagram of PM synchronous motor.
(i) Explain microprocessor based control of PM synchronous motor.
(ii) Dissus self control model of PMsynchronous motor with revelent diagram.
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