Possible 2mark & 16mark Questions in 131304 Data Structures and algorithm ( For UNIT 1 and UNIT 2)

Two Marks
1. Define Data structure.
2. List the various types of data structures.
3. Define ADT.
4. Write down the limitations of list implemented by array.
5. What is the use of malloc () function. Give its syntax.
6. Define Linked List. List the various types of Linked List.
7. List three examples that use linked list.
8. Give two examples for linked list.
9. Define stack. What are the operations performed on stack.
10. Mention the applications of stack.
11. Convert the given Infix to Postfix: (j*k)+(x+y)
12. What is meant by Sentinel node

13. Define Queue. Give example
14. What is Dequeue
15. What is meant by Circular queue
16. How is doubly linked list better than singly linked list.
17. Convert the expression ((A+B)*C-(D-E)*(F+G)) to postfix.
18. Write a function to insert an element into element into queue in which the queue is implemented as an array.
19. Convert the following infix expression to postfix expression a*b-c-d+e*f-g/h*i
20. Write down the routine for polynomial addition.
1. Define Tree. Give Example.
2. Define Degree of a node and Leaf node.
3. What is binary tree?
4. Mention various Tree traversal Strategies.
5. Define Complete Binary tree.
6. Define Depth and Height of a node in a tree.
7. Draw the expression tree for the given postfix expression using stack. AB*C+.
8. Show the array representation of the given binary tree.
9. Define General tree with example.
10. Define Skewed Binary tree.
11. Define Binary Search tree.
12. What is meant by Threaded Binary trees?
13. Define Full Binary Tree.
14. What is meant by Strictly Binary tree?
15. Define 2-Tree.
16. Differentiate complete binary tree and strictly binary tree.
17. What is an expression tree?
18. Define In Order traversal with example.
19. Obtain the post order traversal of a binary tree.
20. Difference between Binary tree and Binary Search Tree.

16 marks

1. What is Linked List? Explain the routine to insert and delete an element in doubly Linked List.
2. Explain the operations of linked list. Compare Linked List and array.
3. Explain the applications of Linked List with example.
4. Explain the necessity of representing expression in prefix and postfix notation. For the given postfix expression, Evaluate it for the values given. Show stepwise stack contents ABC*DEF^/G*+-H*+. A=6;B=1;C=4;D=16;E=2;F=3;G=2;H=5. Where ^ is exponential operator.
5. Explain the PUSH and POP Operation in stack with routines.
6. Explain the Enqueue and Dequeue operations in queue with example.

  1. What is Binary Tree? Explain Binary Tree traversal in C?                               (15)
  2. Define Binary Search Tree? Write the routines for inserting and deleting an element in binary search tree with suitable example.                                                                     (15)
  3. (i). Derive the expression tree for the expression (a+b+c) + ((d*e+f)*g). Briefly explain the construction procedure for the above.                                                                    (5)
(ii).With an example, explain the algorithms of Inorder, Preorder and Post order Traversals on a binary search tree.                                                                              (10)
  1. (i).Show the result of inserting the nodes 2, 1,4,5,9,3,6,7 into an initially empty Binary Search Tree.                                                                                                              (5)
(ii).What is expression tree? Construct an expression tree for expression               (10)                                                                    
(a+b*c)+ (d*e/f)-g.  
  1. Construct Binary Search Tree for the following data and also perform various Traversals.
(i). 10,3,15,22,6,45,65,23,78,34,5                                                                              (7)
(ii).15,16,5,10,8,19,4,6,17,5,21,18,10,15,6                                                                 (8)
  1. (i).Write the routines for FindMin and FindMax element in binary search tree with suitable example.                                                                                                               (6)                                                                                                      
(ii). Explain various types of Binary Trees with example.                                          (9)

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