MG2351 Principles of Management question bank SEVENTH SEMESTER



1.     Define Management
2.     Mention various functions of Management
3.     Define Social Responsibility
4.     What is ethics in Business
5.     Define Objectives
6.     Define Productivity
7.     Mention the skills required at each level of Management
8.     Explain Esprit de corps

9.     Mention the different level of management with its skills required
10.                        Mention the Function of Management
11.                        Define Functional Foremanship
12.                        Difference between Sole proprietorship and partnership
13.                        Difference between administration and Management
14.                         Mention the elements of Art
15.                        Mgt cannot be a full fledged profession due to certain shortcoming – mention
16.                        Mention the three promotional plans of Gilbreth


1.     Define Objectives
2.     Mention the characteristic of effective policy
3.     Explain TOWS Matrix
4.     Mention the benefits of MBO
5.     Define Planning
6.     Mention different types of Plan
7.     Define Strategies and tactics
8.     Distinguish between policies and objectives
9.     Mention the characteristic of Sound policy
10.                  Define MBO
11.                  Define Policy
12.                  Define budgets
13.                  Define Forecasting
14.                  Define decision Making

1.     31.Define Organising
2.     Define Decision making
3.     Define Organisational Culture
4.     Define Organisational Climate
5.     Define Functional Authority
6.     Define Splintered Authority
7.     Define Authority
8.     Differentiate between authority and power
9.     Differentiate Formal and Informal Organization
10.                        Define Organization Chart
11.                        Define Span of Management
12.                        Define Management by Exception
13.                        Define Delegation of Authority
14.                        Differentiate Centralisation and Decentralisation
15.                        Define Departmentation
16.                        Define Organisational Manual
17.                        Differentiate Line and Staff Authority
18.                        Explain Departmentation by process with Examples
19.                        Mention the types of Decision Making
20.                        Mention the principles of Organisation

UNIT IV             
1.     Define Staffing
2.     Differentiate Recruitment and Selection
3.     Define Transfer
4.     Define promotion
5.     Define Demotion
6.     Define Retrenchment
7.     Define Lay off
8.     Define Training and Development
9.     Define Induction / Indoctrination / Orientation.
10.            Define Probationary Period.
11.            Differentiate between training, education & Development
12.            Define Performance Appraisal
13.            State the objectives of Performance Appraisal
14.            Distinguish between job description and job specification
15.            Define job evaluation
16.            Define supervision
17.            Define Motivation. Why it is needed.
18.            Define the term Job Enrichment
19.            Define Leadership.
20.            State the main function of Leadership
21.            Define Communication
22.            What are the important elements in communication
23.            How will you make communication Effective
24.            Define Grapevine
25.            Define Semantic Barrier

1.     Define Control
2.     State four essential of Effective Control
3.     Distinguish between Management by Exception ( MBE) & Management by objectives (MBO)
4.     Define CPM
5.     Define PERT
6.     Define Management audit
7.     Define Budgetary control
8.     Define Break Even point
9.     Define Coordination
10.                        Differentiate Coordination and Cooperation

Unit I

1.     Explain the nature and scope of Management
2.     Discuss the contribution of Henry Fayol to Management.
3.     Discuss the contribution of F.W.Taylor to Management
4.     Is Management art or Science. Comment
5.     Explain Functions of Management.
6.     Explain the different types of Business Organisation
7.     Explain the contribution of Elton Mayo’s – Hawthrone Experiments
8.     Is mgt a profession – discuss
9.     Explain the role of Manager

1.     Explain the various steps in Planning
2.     Explain the Planning Premises
3.     Explain the process of MBO. Explain its Merits and demerits.
4.     Discuss elaborately the various types of plans
5.     Explain the various techniques of forecasting
6.     Discuss the process involved in decision making
7.     Forecasting is a systematic analysis of past and present condition. Explain
8.     Explain the barriers in decision making and ways to overcome

1.     Explain the process of Decision Making.
2.     Explain the different types of Decision Making
3.     Explain the importance of Group Decision making. Discuss its merits and demerits
4.     Explain formal and Informal Organization
5.     Explain various types of Organization structure or design
6.     Explain Organization chart, its types. Merits and Demerits
7.     Explain Span of Management, its types and factors
8.     Explain the essential feature of good organization Structure
9.     Explain delegation of Authority and how do you make delegation Effective.
10.                        Explain authority, the types of authority. Why do people accept it.
11.                        Distinguish between line and staff functions. Give reason for distinguishing their roles in Organization.
12.                        How doe you resolve conflict between line and staff
13. Discuss the relative Merits and demerits of decentralization of authority.
14. How can decentralization be made more effective?

Unit IV
1.     Explain function of staffing. Staffing is the responsibility of every manager and not of he personnel department alone” – discuss
2.     Explain various sources of Recruitment. Compare their merits and Demerits
3.     Explain steps involved in selection procedure
4.     State the benefits of Training and explain various types &  methods of training.
5.     Explain the methods of performance appraisal
6.     Explain the obstacles to effective appraisal. What are the essentials of effective appraisal
7.     “ A supervisor is a man in the middle” – comment
8.     Explain various theories of motivation
9.     Discuss various method to promote motivation
10.      “ Motivation is the core of Management” – Explain. What can be done to motivate the staff in the Organization.
11.      Explain the different styles of Leadership.
12.      Which style of Leadership would you prefer and why.
13.      State and Explain the Barriers to communication. Suggest measure for improvement.
14.      Enumerate the different methods of communication
15.      Discuss the importance of Communication in the functioning of an organization.

1.     “ The essence of control is action” Comment
2.     “Planning & Controlling  functions are two sides of the coin” comment
3.     Discuss the control process and types of control
4.     “ Planning is looking ahead but controlling is looking back.” Explain
5.     Briefly explain the Control techniques
6.     “ Budgeting is basically an instrument of planning but it also serves as a technique of control – comment
7.     Explain the concept of Global Environment
8.     Explain the role in IT in present scenario.

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