CS2312 Object Oriented Programming(OOPS) Lab Manual EEE fifth(5th) Semester

CS2312 Object Oriented Programming Lab Manual EEE fifth Semester

List of Experiments:

1. Function overloading, default arguments in C++
2. Simple class design in C++, namespaces, objects creations
3. Class design in C++ using dynamic memory allocation, destructor, copy constructor
4. Operator overloading, friend functions
5. Overloading assignment operator, type conversions
6. Inheritance, run-time polymorphism
7. Template design in C++
8. I/O, Throwing and Catching exceptions
9. Program development using STL
10. Simple class designs in Java with Javadoc
11. Designing Packages with Javadoc comments
12. Interfaces and Inheritance in Java
13. Exceptions handling in Java
14. Java I/O
15. Design of multi-threaded programs in Java


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