186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes Tenses

A verb indicates action, condition or process. The term tense is used to refer to different forms of the verb indicating time or action. Only a person, having a good understanding of tense will be able to write, and speak correctly without any ambiguity. Those who do not stick to a particular structure for a particular purpose, may intend to say something, but it may be interpreted the other way. This brings out the fact that it is mandatory to have a clear concept about the use of different tense structures for different purposes of time and action.

Simple present tense.    
1. For habitual action.  
(i.e) He goes to temple everyday.
2. To express general facts.
 (i.e) Magnet attracts iron.
3.To convey  the near future.
(i.e) The plane arrives at 9 p.m
4. For professional activities.
 (i.e) The cobbler makes shoes.
5. To express ownership.
 (i.e)This house  belongs to me.

Present continuous
1. To express action at the moment of speaking
(i.e) I am watching a movie now.
2. An activity that takes place this week, this month, this year.
(i.e) I am preparing for my examination.
3. To express future arrangements.
(i.e) She is going to the States next summer.
1.       It ------( rain) now.
2.       They-----(be)------(work) now.
3.       What-------(be)you---------(look) for?
4.       The P.M --------(meet) the President tomorrow.
5.       They ------(go) to library on Sundays. 

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