186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes CLOZE TEST(Gap filling)

Gap filling
Cloze (Gap Filling)Test

Close test is an exercise in which it is required to supply words that have been omitted from the passage. Cloze test gives a fair idea about the content of the passage and choosing suitable words from the given choices becomes easier.
The omission may be a noun or  pronoun or verb or adverb or  conjunctions or prepositions. In short, any parts of speech may have been omitted.We have to fill suitable words in the blanks. 
In order to do this test successfully students need a good vocabulary knowledge and Grammar knowledge. Besides, they should know a good general knowledge about current affairs. Within a short period of time they  should quickly read the entire paragraph and guess correctly the suitable missing word.
Constant practice will help the students do this test in successful way.


Fill in the blanks in the following passage using words from the list of words given below.

            Rain water can------- collected using simple techniques such as pots ------jars as well as through more complex techniques. Commonly used systems --------constructed of three components; -------catchment area, the collection device and the conveyance system. ------the catchment areas, the collection of rainwater from gutters to containers is done to settle the particulates. ------- land surface catchment areas, the runoff capacity of the land  surface   catchment improved. Clearing vegetation can -------- soil -------.Chemical applications with soil treatments can reduce soil erosion.Rain water harvesting is a fresh water augmentation technology ------- Asia. Local people can be trained to implement harvesting technologies. This method provides water at the time of our ------.

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