186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes Description

Points to remember
1.Students  should have general knowledge about various fields.
2.Questions may be asked  from chemistry, mechanical, computer  field or day to day thing.
3.An object would be given to us and we have to describe.
4.Decribe it first externally and then internally.
Describe in about 170-200 words the utility, function with advantages and disadvantages of a washing machine.

It is an electric machine used for washing clothes. It is a device found in almost   all the middle-income and high-income  houses. It is also used for large- scale washing in hospitals, hotels, etc.,

The washing machine is normally rectangle in shape. There is an outer covering and an inner body normally of steel or fiber plastic. In between the two linings, the machine parts are at the bottom. At the  centre, there is an agitator which helps in the washing. On the top of the cover, buttons specifying different types of washing, duration etc. are found. There is a lid. The machine has an electrical and a plumbing washing machine.  There are front loading machines also. There are fully or semiautomatic machines also.
The mechanism of the washing machine is quite simple. The clothes are put in and the kind of washing is selected using the buttons. Soap powder is put in the slot provided. When the start button is pressed, the machine starts to draw water from the tap. The operation starts after the tank is full. Water is drawn in repeatedly as per requirement to wash and rinse. Finally  it dries the clothes partially. Then the clothes are taken out and dried outside. This is the mechanism of a fully automatic device. In the semi automatic one, rinsing is done manually or put in the twin tub in the machine itself rinsed and dried.
Now a days, with fast pace of life, women find the utility of the washing machine much. They can put the clothes into the machine, set the program, and do some other work simultaneously. They need not depend on a house maid.
The disadvantages are that it uses  a lot of water and consumes electricity. When there is a power shut down or water shortage, women folk find it difficult to manage. Not only that, machine wash shortens the life of the clothes when compared to hand wash. On the whole, the washing machine is a boon to mankind especially, the working woman.

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