186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes CONVERSATION


The art of conversation takes practice, and is not as hard as you might think. With some patience and these steps, and you can learn to relax and enjoy a great conversation.
  • The best conversations come from gaining new understanding about the topic discussed or the person. Try to lead into personal stories and anecdotes. These give limitless conversation and are revealing about the character of a person.
  • It's okay to talk about yourself as long as the person listening is interested and getting new information about you or the topic. People don't like to rehash things they already know or have thought about so try to give a new perspective or way of thinking.
  • While you want to talk about a topic, make sure you pause in between sentences, which allows for the other person to ask a question to clarify if they are understanding you and/or for them to interject with a thought of their own. Remember, you want to have a conversation, not be a story-teller.
Introducing Yourself
Here are some phrases for introducing yourself in English.
1. I'm John.
I'm Jackie. (Use first name in informal situations)

2. I'm John Kennedy.
I'm Jackie O'Neill. (Use full name in business and formal situations)

3. (It's) nice to meet you.
(It's) nice meeting you.
(It's) good to meet you.

4. Nice to meet you too.


Introducing Other People

Introducing People
Here are some phrases for introducing other people in English.

1. This is my friend, Jack.                                        Hi Jack. I'm Linda

    my brother, Bob.
    my sister, Cindy.
    my father, Mr. Harris.
    my mother, Mrs. Harris.
    my teacher, Ms. Watson.
    my student, Carrie.
    my friend, Mary Jones.
    my boss, Mr. Ritter.
    my co-worker, Penny Pitcher.

2. Nice to meet you.                                            Nice to meet you too.
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