186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes Paragraph writing

Paragraph writing
A paragraph is a piece of written composition. It may be an independent composition or may be a part of longer composition. An essay is made up of a number of paragraphs. If you want to become a master of writing an essay, you should have an idea on paragraph. Normally, a paragraph comprises a number of sentences. Sometimes, even a single sentence can be a paragraph. So, what is essential,  is that a paragraph must express one complete idea. It can be a lengthy or short paragraph. The modern trend is to write short paragraphs though many modern writers write long paragraphs.

1.       Logicality
We should remember that a paragraph is not a simple combination of sentences. If some sentences are jumbled together in a disorderly manner, they do not make up a paragraph. There should be logicality in a paragraph. What is said earlier must logically lead to what is said next.
2.       Concord
A paragraph must have unity of thought. That means, it must express a single idea. All the sentences in the paragraph must be related to that central idea. There should not be a single sentence in the paragraph  which is not related to the central idea. Each sentence in the paragraph must say something new about that central idea. The sentences in a paragraph may be expository or evocative or narrative but they should be related to the central idea. A paragraph must possess this kind of unit or oneness of thought.
3.       Variety and style
Variety is necessary in composition. All paragraphs should not be in the same sense. If they are so, they would sound boring. There should be variety in the sense of each paragraph. There should also be variety in respect of length, illustration, examples and other devices of communication.
4.        The starting point and the ending point
The beginning and the ending of a paragraph are of great importance. The first sentence must capture the attention of the reader. If it is the first sentence of the first paragraph, it must suggest or state the central idea of the essay in an introductory manner. If it is the first sentence of a paragraph in the middle of the essay, it must take up the next step in the argument. Similarly, the final sentence in a paragraph must be striking. If it is an independent paragraph, the last sentences must give a conclusion to the argument. If it is the last sentence of a paragraph in the middle of the essay, it must conclude the argument of the paragraph and suggest the next step in the argument.   
Sample questions
1. Write a paragraph on water as an invaluable natural resource.
2. Write a paragraph about explaining the wisdom of investing money in article of gold.    
3. Comment on the significance of roof water tank.
4. Writer a paragraph comparing television with the newspaper as the most popular mass media.
5. Discuss: Technology has advantages or disadvantages.
6. Write a paragraph on Gold and Silver
7. Why every country needs Nuclear Energy---Discuss.

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