186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes General Vocabulary

General Vocabulary
1.       What is vocabulary?
The total number of words in a language is called vocabulary.
2. In order to get a mastery over a language it is a must for everyone to know a lot of words in that language. These words should come in time when we talk to other so that we need not fumble and stumble ; and we need not grope for words. Only when we are unable to get words at the time of necessity  our talk will be stopped abruptly and we feel rather embarassed. Constant use of dictionary will be indispensable.
3. Mere cultivation of the dictionary habit will be no use unless it is supplemented by the habit of wide  reading.
Match   the words in column A with their meanings in Column B
a)      Hareness                           i) To make less intense
b)      Alleviate                          ii) easily broken
c)       Impediment                   iii) to make use of intensely
d)      Brittle                              iv) to destroy intensely

2.   a) Stray                i) group
      b) enforce            ii) endure
     c) convoy               iii)Wandering
     d) serendipity       iv) insist on
                                      V) make pleasant discoveries.

3. a) repository     i) continue to exist
   b) chaos            ii) strange
    c) Exotic          III) store house
d) distress         iv) utter confusion
                          V) anguish
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