186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes Letter Writing(Letter to the Editor (complaining))

Letter Writing

                               Letter to the Editor (complaining)
Key points
Letter writing is an art. But unfortunately after the advent of mobile phone this art is getting deteriorated. Now a days apart from a few businesslike letter, interview call letter, bank letter nobody seems to be using letters to others especially to relatives.
1.       Remember that your letter is the expression of the feelings of your heart. It must be written with a thoughtful attention. Hastily drafted letter may be misunderstood.
2.       A letter should be as short as possible. Be brief but clear. 
3.       A letter should be drafted in simple language so as to convey your ideas to the recipient without any difficulty. Use simple straightforward language.
4.       A letter should be drafted in a distinct style. It should not be ambiguous as clarity is the soul of a letter. Be accurate with your facts. 
5.       Novelty of thought and approach every time are appreciable.
6.       Avoid, as far as possible, committing spelling and grammatical mistakes.
7.       Courtesy and politeness pay highly in business letters.
8.       A letter should be balanced, concrete and compact. It may be divided into paragraphs if required.
Write a letter to the Editor, The Hindu, complaining about the loudspeaker nuisance in your locality.

        The Editor,
        The Hindu,
         Sub: Regarding the loudspeaker nuisance.

I shall be  grateful if you could kindly publish the following in the “Letters to the Editor”  column of your esteemed daily.
Of late the loudspeaker nuisance in our locality has become a menace. Not a day passess without it.
All my appeals, complaints and entreaties to the authorities have fallen on deaf ears.
There are two marriage halls in our locality. Almost every day there is a marriage sometimes two marriages. Marriage is primarily a private matter but people make  it a public affair. They make it  a point to play cassettes and use the loudspeakers to increase the sound as far as possible. We just cannot avoid being distracted by this. The sound is deafening our ears.
When it is election time, one just can't sleep at night or have peace during the day. The sound disturbs us round the clock. Students find it impossible to concentrate on their studies. Old and sick people, even children are tortured by these most unwanted noises.
When any V.I.P is visiting our town, the autos, cars and taxis are fixed with loudspeakers to announce the arrival and engagements of the V.I.P as if people have no other work to do.
When people take over processions, they no longer believe in silent marching. The whole world must know that they are agitating. They also use loudspeakers to attract the attention of everyone.
In the interest of peaceful living, allowing people to carry on with their work without any disturbance from outside, I appeal to the authorities through these few lines in your newspaper, to take immediate steps to put an end to this public nuisance.
                                                                                                                        Yours Truly,
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