186101 (HS2161) Technical English I Lecture Notes Adverb

Adverb is a word that elaborates the action of a verb and is usually written after the verb in sentence. Most of the adjectives can be used as adverbs. Adverbs usually answer questions such as how when? where? why? and to what extent? 
1.In most cases, an adverb is formed by adding ‘-ly’ to an  adjective.
  Cheaply, quickly, slowly, easily, angrily, happily
2. We can classify adverbs in the following classes.
  a. adverbs of manner (He swims well)
b. adverbs of place  (I looked everywhere)
 c. adverbs of time ( He sleeps daily at 9’o clock
d. adverbs of certainty ( He does the work certainly)
 e. Relative adverbs. (I remember the day when we first met)
Insert the suitable adverbs in the following blanks.
1He comes here --------.
2.  -------- We saw an accident.
3. He answers all questions--------.
4. They will come ----------,--------------,-------------.
5. We will meet you soon at----------.
6. Your answer is-------------right.
7. He is expected to arrive-------.
8. He speaks    very-------------.
9. He arrived -------------in the morning.
10. The essay is ---------written.    

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