Pass Mark For Anna University - Internal Mark Only For 3 Semester - 45% Need To Pass In Exam

Pass Mark For Anna University - Internal Mark Only For 3 Semester - 45% Need To Pass In Exam

The students of Anna University can able to see the details of the Anna University 3rd semester Pass mark. The students can also able to get the minimum passing percentage for the 3rd semester. They can get all the details about the passing percentage Internal Marks calculation. We also included the details for the students who just failed in the recent exam.

Pass Mark for anna university - Internal mark only for 3 semester - 45% need to pass in exam


13.1 A candidate who secures not less than 50% of total marks prescribed for the courses with a minimum of 45% of the marks prescribed for the end-semester University Examination, in both theory and practical courses (including Project work), shall be declared to have passed the Examination.

13.1.1 If a candidate fails to secure a pass in a particular course, it is mandatory that he/she shall register and reappear for the examination in that course during the subsequent semester when examination is conducted in that course; he/she should continue to register and reappear for the examinations in the failed subjects till he / she secures a pass.

13.1.2 The internal assessment marks obtained by the candidate in the first appearance shall be retained and considered valid for all subsequent attempts till the candidate secure a pass.

However, from the 3rd attempt onwards, if a candidate fails to obtain pass marks (IA + End Semester Examination) as per clause 13.1, the passing requirement shall be as follows: The candidate should secure a minimum of 50% in the University Examinations alone irrespective of Internal Assessment mark obtained. This is applicable for both Theory and Practical courses.
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